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The EUTW will publish a series of Chinese-language books on all facets of the EU, with the aim of producing the most important Chinese publications for understanding the EU. The contents of these books, written by single or multiple authors sponsored by the EUTW, include essays presented at national workshops and international symposia. The target audience of the publications is a wide Chinese audience in which includes not only Taiwanese readers but also PRC students and scholars and Chinese elites worldwide. Papers from forums and conferences will also be published electronically on the website.

[EUTW Book Series XI] Cultural Policies of European Union: Context and Practice
Publication Date / 2016-02-29
Authoring information /  ...
[EUTW Book Series X] The Role of the European Union on the World Stage
Publication Date / 2015-08-12
Authoring information /  ...
[EUTW Book Series VIII] The EU Law : Principles and Practices I
Publication Date / 2015-06-01
Authoring information /  ...
[EUTW Book Series IX] The EU Law : Principles and Practices II
Publication Date / 2015-06-01
Authoring information /  ...
[EUTW Book Series VII] Asian Countries’ Strategies towards the European Union in an Inter-regionalist Context
Publication Date / 2015-02-02
Authoring information /  This is the first book on Asian countries’ strategies towards the EU...
[EUTW Book Series VI] Public Governance in the EU
Publication Date / 2013-12-07
Authoring information / ...
[EUTW Book Series V] The New Economic and Financial Policies of the EU under the Shadow of European Debt Crisis
Publication Date / 2013-10-15
Authoring information / Contents: ECB’s Responses to the Financial Crisis /Der-Chin HORNG The Euro...
[EUTW Book Series IV] The Mutual Exercises of European Union Soft and Hard Power
Publication Date / 2013-05-13
Authoring information / Introduction: After encountering impacts resulting from economic globaliz...
[EUTW Book Series III] Interfaces: EU Studies and European Languages Programs in East Asia
Publication Date / 2012-12-25
Authoring information / Partly due to the European Union’s insistent and successful policies on pl...
[EUTW Book Series II] The European Union and Integration Theory since 1950
Publication Date / 2011-10-01
Authoring information / This book studies on the general and individual history of European Union policy...
[Get to Know Europe Series I] Per una nuova Europa. Il contributo dei cristiani
Publication Date / 2011-07-14
Authoring information / This book was written by Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals. The b...
[EUTW Book Series I] New Era of the European Union's Economic & Trade Policies
Publication Date / 2011-05-01
Authoring information / Context Preface of the Series: Dr. Tzong-Ho Bau Preface of the Book: Dr. Cathe...

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