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 [EUTW Book Series II] The European Union and Integration Theory since 1950

[EUTW Book Series II] The European Union and Integration Theory since 1950
Publication Date / 2011-10-01
Authoring information /

EditorDr. Hungdah Su

CoauthorDr. Chih-ming Chung, Dr. Hsin-chih Chen, Dr. Yu-chun Lan, Dr. Chih-Mei Luo, Dr. Pei-Chih Hao, Dr. Chien-Yi Lu, Dr. Chung-hung Cho, Dr. Cheng-Tung Li, Dr. Tze-Luen Lin, Dr. Renee Yi-mond Yuan

 Content Description:
This book studies on the general and individual history of European Union policy to discuss whether Liberal Inter-governmentalism or Institutionalism can explain history of European Union’s development for the past 60 years more effectively.
Preface / Hungdah Su
About the authors
Part one General History and Theoretical Debate of European Integration
A Historical-Institutionalist Analysis on the Founding Phase of the European Communities: Economic and Security Trade-off / Chih-Ming Chung
European integration between 1958 and 1969: A Theoretical Debate / Hungdah Su
From European Community to European Union: European Integration from 1969 to 1990 / Hsin-Chih Chen
The Development of the European Union from 1990 to 2000 / Yu-Chun Lan
Integration Theory and Treaty Reform in the EU—The Cases of Drafting the Constitutional Treaty and the Treaty of Lisbon / Chien-Yi Lu
Negotiating the Treaty of Lisbon: A Liberal Intergovernmentalist Analysis / Hungdah Su
Part Two Development and Theoretical Debate of Selected Common Policies
EU Common Agricultural, Environmental and Rural Policy / Yi-Mond Yuan
A History of the Euro: A Level –of-Analysis Perspective / Jyun-Yi lee, Chih-Mei Luo
The EU’s Southward Policy: Historical Development and Constructive Patterns / Chung-Hung Cho
EU as a Normative Power: A Study on Its Actions towards China and Myanmar / Albert C. T. Li

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