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 European Cultural Night

Date: 2011-01-10
Categories: [ Year 2011 ]
Time: 2010-12-18  

National Taiwan University Foreign Students’ Association (NTUFSA)
European Cultural Night, December 2010

It was for the first to have seen an European Cultural Night been held in Taiwan. The event was headed and organized by National Taiwan University Foreign Students’ Association (NTUFSA) in collaboration with European and local students at National Taiwan University, and took place on December 18th, 2010, at National Taiwan University, College of Management, Building II, B1, GIS Convention Center, No.85, Sec 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei City, Taiwan. The sole purpose of this event was to show the diversities of European Culture, and to bring all Europeans living in Taiwan together to share their culture and heritage, to feel at home while being very far from their motherland Europe. It was a wonderful night for the fact of gathering many Europeans and seen everyone dressing in formal or traditional attire as the requirement of the party by believing that Europe is a place of standard and traditions. There were around 280 attendant and the night was not exclusively only Europeans, but indeed for another non-European nationalities where the local citizens (Taiwanese) represented 40% of the total attendants.
The organizers of the event believe that such type of event help to understand both sides (students from European and all over the world, including local students) mutually because the committee organizer was not constituted only by European students, but there were also Taiwanese and other non-European nationalities. Among themselves, they had interacted with each other in planning the event, interacted with each other in the kitchen, and all became friends for the first time because of the European Cultural Night. Besides, the performers were not only Europeans, but indeed, there were also local students performing some European folklores. This is very good because everything behind this event, is the cultural exchanges. We believe that when foreign students come to Taiwan we/they bring our/their music, cuisine, dance, way of doing, etc, and at the same time we/they learn Taiwan culture, music, languages, cuisine, dances and way of doing. This is a good reference as we believe that in that way together we will help make Taiwan becomes easier for the integration of all foreign coming to Taiwan. Although the night was successful, the committee organizer found out that there still room for improvements for next year’s event.

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