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 The One China Policy Impact on Taiwan’s Political Relations with the EU

Date: [2011-09-22]  11:10AM
Venue: Audio Visual Classroom, College of Social Sciences, NTU
Speaker: Dr. Sebastien Michalak

The European Union Centre in Taiwan, in conjunction with the Jean Monnet Chair Programme at National Taiwan University, hosted a conference on EU-Taiwan entitled “EUTW Speech: The One China Policy Impact on Taiwan’s Political Relations with the EU”. The event was held on Thursday, 22nd of September 2011, from 11:10 to 12:10 at the Audio Visual Classroom, College of Social Sciences, NTU. Dr. Sebastien Michalak, Assistant Professor and Chair of European Studies at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland, gave the keynote speech and the event was moderated by Dr. Hung-Dah Su, Professor and Jean Monnet Chair, Department of Political Science, NTU.

The speech given by Dr. Michalak explored the EU’s international stand on the contentious topic, wherein the EU is seen as encouraging the preservation of the status quo of not resorting to violence and instead employing peaceful means of negotiation and communication for stability and security in the region. Discussed as well were the apparent limitations of the EU in Cross Straight involvement, the reasons being the lack of EU military forces in the region, its absence of security commitments and military alliances with Asian countries and the US’ reaction to increased European security engagement in the region. Therefore, the EU has more economic than political interests in Asia and in Taiwan in particular.

The conference was concluded by a Q&A session wherein students and international participants were invited to share their views and opinions. Questions were brought up concerning whether the EU’s policy reflects the PRC’s One China Policy, the lack of a tangible outcome of the EU’s current “wait and see” stance on the Cross Straight issue, and the parallel situation of Taiwan and other minorities in China in the eyes of the international community.

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